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KNIGHTtime in our Encampment

Come and explore our medieval encampment 
where you can learn & Experience,
Partake in Medieval Immersion

A Medieval Experience

We appreciate all things medieval,

(Early-High-Late Middle Ages)

the 1000 years after the Roman Empire. 


Our Passion is Renaissance, 

the transition from

middles ages to modernity

covering the 15th & 16th centuries.

We provide Entertaining & Engaging

Performances & Demonstrations

Classes & Clinics

Show & Sport Support 

The Fairegoers "Our Stars" shine bright!

Medieval Moments during "A Medieval Experience"

Sandpoint Renaissance Faire 2024

Entertaining & Engaging Performances

Immersive Classes, Workshops and Activities

Hands On & Skill Building 

Newport Renaissance Faire

So many Medieval & Fantasy Enthusiasts....

What a blast meeting you all!

thank you for stopping by for hands on armor

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

an honored invite ~ thank you to

The most welcoming....

Jeremey & Sheena

of Sandpoint Renaissance Faire

Presenting colors Blue & Gold

Newport Renaissance Faire (Knightly Ventures with Sandpoint Renaissance)

IF you've reached out

visit our 'Knightly Ventures'  encampment

Presenting colors Black & White (Rampant Destrier)

 show our biz card, we'd like to do something special for you

We are often asked:
When Did You "Get Medieval"?

30 Years Ago, in 1994 I was introduced to Dameon the Founder & Director of a Theatrical Combat & Joust troupe and soon became a Horseman & Fighter for "The Seattle Knights". 

Medieval Horsemanship was the challenge I was looking for and My

Medieval journey began, training, Performing & Building skills.

I started as a Mounted Skills at Arms rider first, and worked into Jousting

All the while I trained hard and attended SK combat training academy,

Training that benefited my medieval work on & off Horse. 

never thought I'd fall in love with combat off horse, but over time I did.

I've continued on with Medieval Horsemanship and Swordsmanship,

working with three other Medieval Teams as a Jouster, Mounted Skills Rider and swordsman.

Theatrical Jousting over time has transcended into full contact Jousting.

I enjoy both styles, and Continue to train and condition incorporating both.

These photos are from my medieval moments  with the Seattle Knights (1994-2004)

For Equestrian Arts & Entertainment view 

"Knightly Ventures" page

to see what we're up to view "NEWS"

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