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We are often asked, what breeds do we favor for all that we do?

From the Show Ring to the Tournament Feild
Friesian & Draft crossed with Andalusian, Thoroughbred or Arabian.

Bone, Build and movement,... AMAZING!

Agility & Ability and Intelligence & Heart.... PRICELESS!!

"Shey" 2011 (M)
Gypsy Vanner/friesian (M)

Sire: Boomerang (gvhs Gypsy Vanner)

Dam: Gipsy (fpzv)


Shey, Schooled & Conditioned building foundation in hand & at Liberty first. then at 5yo starting saddle work geared around Historical & Modern Horse Sports, her transition to both was smooth and successful. She is now Seasoned, Competitive and Still Enjoys the Work and is a Fan Favorite.

Shey Friesian Gypsy mare
Thor HiLine Ready

"Thor" 2019 (G)

Sire: Ramses VL/417 (fpzv Friesian)

Dam:  Jreyes (Friesian/Andalusian)


We School In Hand and at Liberty building Foundation and Conditioning, doing all the "Home Work" well and will soon be starting saddle work geared towards Historical & Modern Horse Sports.

He's quite the character and seems

to enjoy everything he does.

"Ramses VL" 2005 (S)
FPZV Friesian

Sire: Laes 417/235 (fpzv Friesian)

Dam: Tinka (fpzv Friesian)


Ramses was imported from Canada as a foal. He hails from an amazing breeding program, and is backed with awesome genetics.

a gentle soul and quite the gentleman

Trained to ride and drive, always a pleasure to be around.

Ramses is here shining in the sun, with his son Thor

and we are honored.

 Sidra HiLine Groom

"Sidra" 2009 (m)
Friesian Sporthorse

Sire: Knight (Friesian Sport)

Dam: Destiny (Tri-Colored)


Sidra, from our Friesian Sport Breeding program, Sidra is exactly what my husband was looking for when he bred his mare "Destiny" to one of our Foundation Stallions "Knight". She is Athletic, Agile and Intelligent and is another one of our good all-arounders.

"Luna" 2009 (M)

Sire: Justin Jeans (PHA Percheron)

Dam: Savannah (JCR Thoroughbred)


Luna, purchased in her teens well started and very willing to learn with effective communication. We prefer young un-started prospects but there are times when you just can't pass a good horse up.  Luna came to us as a Pleasure & Trail Mount

from her original breeder.

Luna Percheron Thoroughbred mare