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Summer Sessions 2024

Welcome to Knightly Ventures Summer 2024!

"A Medieval Experience"

Unleash Your Inner Knight!

Join us for an unforgettable summer experience at Knightly Ventures! We offer a unique blend of historical adventure, hands-on learning, and horse-centered activities, all led by experienced armored knights.


Knights, Armor and WarHorses OH MY!

Whether an aspiring knight, an equestrian enthusiast, or simply looking for an exciting summer, we have something for everyone!

Why Choose Knightly Ventures?
Historical & WarHorse-Centered Activities

Highlights: WarHorses, Armor, skill-building games, arts and crafts, and more.

Horses are our cornerstone. We offer in-depth experiences with our majestic warhorses,

a chance to learn and interact with these incredible animals.

Historical Arts Activities: Leather, Metal and Wood Working, Sewing & Gardening... Numerous hands on & take with Activities & Opportunities.

Experienced Leadership: With 45 years of competition horses in combination with 30 years in Historical Reenactment,

we bring unparalleled expertise to our encampment. All activities are led by us, ensuring top-notch instruction and safety.

Beautiful Location: Nestled in the heart of nature, our Medieval themed camp provides a stunning backdrop for all activities.

The serene surroundings allow Guests to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors with Medieval Flavor.

Skill Development: At Knightly Ventures, we believe in the importance of learning through experience.

Our activities are designed to develop essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and so much more.

Memories to Last a Lifetime: Our Encampment is not just about activities; it's about creating lasting memories and friendships. Each Guest leaves with stories to tell and experiences they'll cherish forever.

Knightly Ventures Hours:

Monday thru Sunday: 8:00Am to 8:00Pm By Appointment

*Early Birds & Knight Owls

we're flexible and can accommodate your hours as well, feel free to call with any questions or needs.

Fees  June & JULY  2024  SPECIALS


"A Medieval Experience"

Renaissance Themed Immersion with Armor and beautiful wooden castle backdrop for the photoshoot.

25.00/Heartbeat for medieval immersion

15.00/Each Professional Photo Souvenir

"Equestrian Historical"

Lessons/Coaching/Show Support

150.00  session/Senior

175.00 Session/youth

200.00 Session/Adult


Lessons/Coaching/Show Support

150.00  session/Senior

175.00 Session/youth

200.00 Session/Adult

"Equestrian Modern"

Lessons/Coaching/Show Support

50.00  session/Senior

75.00 Session/youth

100.00 Session/Adult


*Groups of 2-10 Receive 5% Off

*Groups of 11-25 Receive 10% Off

 *Groups of 26-50 Receive 15% Off

*Groups of 51-100 Receive 20% Off

*Groups of 101-200 Receive 25% Off

What to Bring
Comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities
Boots or closed toe shoes, Sunscreen and a hat
Refillable water bottle
Personal needs items
A positive attitude and a sense of adventure!



To register, please contact us at (208) 217-7748 for more information

Phone: (208) 217-7748
Priest River, Idaho

Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Sign up for Knightly Ventures Summer Sessions today!

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