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Modern & Historical

 Horse Training & Conditioning ~ Riding Lessons & Coaching

Horse Show & Sport Support

Clinics & Demonstrations

for all skill levels, ages and Disciplines


We believe in building foundation and fun too,

develop your skills in a positive and engaging environment.

Beginner to Advanced, Foal to Finish.... We have something for you

Knightly Ventures

Equestrian Arts

Sharing video of one of the ways we Introduce our Horses to Armor.
Thor our young Friesian Andalusian gelding
exploring, the armor is all 12g to 16g steel


our journey has been a tapestry of triumphs and challenges

as diverse and dynamic as the spirited creatures we call partners

From the arenas of horse shows where we've competed

across multiple breeds and disciplines, 

to the adrenaline-fueled world of Modern & Historical equine sports

 If you're looking to further your journey, take a step back in time with us

Armored Knight & War Horse performing Mounted Skills at Arms (Spearing the ring)
Showing wee ones the ropes of hoof work

Training Foal to Finish

For Pleasure, Show, Sport or Tournament

Stallion class (3mos 1st place)
Rayna & I (Levade) at DHE
Showing wee ones the ropes of hoof work

~ Conditioning & Schooling ~

Schooling Ritz
Schooling Evolet
Schooling Danarra
Our foal to finish Stallion

~ Lessons & Coaching ~

~ youth & Adult ~

~ Private - Couple - Group ~

Road N Trail

We are happy to provide our services off site

Horses must be

in good Health & condition

For our Clinics

please have current

coggins & health certs

Fractious Horses & Humans

will be Tail ribboned & delt with Patiently

Often we are asked: 

How Long Have You Been Working With Horses?

I've been competing horses since I was 8 years old (45 years now),

but born into a family of Horseman From a young age,

thrown on everything from naughty ponies to gentle Giants, 

my favorites were the gamers. 

Breeding Farms & Show barns, and the amazing mentors that shared so much

those moments in time benefit me to this day and fuel my want to give back.

(These are old childhood pics, please excuse the wear over time)

"Angel", "Cinder" and "Cameo"

These three Amazing partners were my team, grade school through high school

from mounted drill & western games to halter through Jumping

we took on the world together

For Historical Arts & Entertainment view 

"A Medieval Experience" page

to see what we're up to view "NEWS"

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