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About Us

We've been welcoming equestrian & Historical Enthusiasts to join us on incredible journeys since the 1990's

 We enjoy working with two & four leggers alike, Our work is designed to build the necessary foundation

in a creative, positive and enriching environment for all

Photo Shoot at the Castle


dedicated equestrian with over 45 years of experience in the horse industry including

30 years of Mounted Historical Reenactment.

My areas of expertise range from

training, competing, Breeding and Stable Management to corporate business and Finance.


passion for Medieval Horsemanship & Combat

for Performance & Competition

added mounted & ground combat at arms

Theatrical & Historical Jousting

and everything that backs it all up.

please feel free to reach out,

we may carry swords but we don't bite = )

Shey & I Our Photo Shoot with Kat
Rayna (Shire mare) & I warming up for Draft Horse Extravaganza
Castle shoot long day but a blast


As someone who is passionate about horsemanship and History, it’s a joy for me to be able to combine this passion with my skills in metalwork, woodworking, and more.

Whether I’m creating a one-of-a-kind medieval piece, building an arena for showcasing equestrian arts, or armor and weapons that bring history to life, I enjoy what we do and those skills we've built have benefited not only ourselves overtime

but others as well.


They say "If you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work"... well it's work, and certainly feel it,

but still love it

Warhorse Luna & Knight in shining armor Jake
Hubby on his mare Destiny (Sidras dam)
Castle photoshoot
Warhorses & Knights back in our day hubby & I at presentation at fair
Our warrior son in woad at Shrewsbury (battling Cancer and winning)
Our warrior son at our Castle Shoot along with his friend and fellow knight Carson

Our son David (in woad) & with fellow Knight Carson

at our Castle Shoot.

Below David is 8 years old

Showing his Arab mare NEKA

David & Neka at Arabian Charity Show

We are often asked:
When Did You "Get Medieval"?

30 Years Ago, in 1994 I was introduced to Dameon the Founder & Director of a Theatrical Combat & Joust troupe

and soon became a Horseman & Fighter for "The Seattle Knights". Medieval Horsemanship was the challenge I was looking for and My Medieval journey began, training, Performing & Building skills.

I started as a Mounted Skills at Arms rider first, and worked into Jousting All the while I trained hard and attended SK combat training academy, Training that benefited my medieval work on & off Horse. never thought I'd fall in love with combat off horse, but over time I did.

I've continued on with Medieval Horsemanship and Swordsmanship, working with three other Medieval Teams as a Jouster, Mounted Skills Rider and swordsman. ​Theatrical Jousting over time has transcended into full contact Jousting. I enjoy both styles and Continue to train and condition incorporating both.

These photos are from my medieval moments  with the Seattle Knights (1994-2004)

We are often asked:
How long have you been working with Horses?

I've been competing horses since I was 8 years old (45 years now).

Born into a family of horseman, from a young age I was thrown on everything from naughty ponies to gentle giants.

Breeding farms and show barns and the amazing mentors & Horses that taught me so much.

Those moments in time benefit me to this day and fuel passion.

These photos are from my childhood (Grade school & High School) Please excuse the wear over time

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