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WE'RE BACK.... at the request of her majesty, our QUEEN....

SANDPOINT RENAISSANCE FAIRE SAT 6/8 & SUN 6/9 2024 (10:00am ~ 6:00pm) Bonner County Fairgrounds, Sandpoint idaho

Many of you are fans of our warhorse extraordinaire "Shey",

Have seen her in West Coast Performances, Demos & Historical Tournaments.... Fearless in the Lyst for "Full Contact" & "Theatrical" Joust.

Her Power, Speed and Agility in Mounted skills At Arms & Melee have dazzled crowds near and far Earning her reputation, Prize Money, Trophies, and the hearts of many....

SPRF Queen, Shey and I 2019

From Sandpoint Faires beginnings in 2017 Shey & I have been Queens Champions & honored "Queens Guard"

  2017-2019 Shey & I saw an amazing young Faire & Community come together, grow & expand 2020-2021 Many Faires, Tournaments & Shows were in downtime

We took the downtime to focus on Family, Farm & New Beginnings We are returning as.... 2024s "Queens Guard" and.......

"Knightly Ventures" will be bringing 'A Medieval Experience' to Faire this year 

'A Medieval Experience' where you the amazing fairegoers are our stars!

Have you ever wanted to feel the sensation of becoming a knight in shining armor, experiencing the world as the defenders of old did?

Visit our "Knightly Ventures' encampment, get in armor and get medieval! posed & candid photos will capture your medieval moments

Armor Immersion throughout faire 10:00am - 6:00pm SAT & SUN

NEWPORT RENAISSANCE FAIRE Newport Washington May 2024

Knightly Ventures paired with Sandpoint renaissance Faire

Newport Ren Faire 2024

Jake & Leilani of

Equestrian & Historical Arts (Please check our website for more about us)

Instructor & Coach ~ Educator & Entertainer ~ Jouster, Mounted Skills Rider & Squire ~ Armor, Metal & Leather Work

We've been getting Medieval together for close to 30 years 

Jake & Leilani will be showcasing Armor Immersion throughout faire at the Knightly Ventures Encampment

Shannon De Pew of Desert Rock Farm

Medieval Rider & Trainer: specializing in drafts & Destriers Entertainer: as "Captain Jack" 

Full Contact Jouster & Squire: you may have met her with "The Knights of Mayhem", or have seen her in the Lyst for the Full Contact Joust at Historical Tournament or Demo

Shannon will be showcasing Armor Immersion throughout Faire at the Knightly Ventures Encampment

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